Who We Are

Glaven Tech Engineering 

Glaven Tech Engineering has a multi-disciplined team with many years combined experience, from the engineers through to the project managers and installation teams, ensuring the best service that performs as specified and delivers the financial and functional benefits. The firm is a services organization with consummate skills in the areas that ensure successful needs analysis, systems and structure design, installation, commissioning and the ongoing management and maintenance of precast panel durawall structures, brick walls as well as aluminium in conjunction with our partners and dealers. Our objective is to conclude every project with a view to it being a reference site for future customers

Our Calling


To be the world-class leader in eco-friendly structures through a combination of innovation, efficiency and cost effectiveness

Our Destiny


Providing our clientele with the top, best, tailor made commercial, industrial and residential structures of superior quality translating to the highest level of value for money and return

Business Principles




 Environmental, Health and Safety

 Customer satisfaction

 Efficiency and Effectiveness