Precast Panel Structures

Glaven Tech supplies and installs precast concrete structural units. We have the proven industry experience of customised service through the provision of prefabricated concrete solutions from the design, supply and construction of various prefabricated concrete structures, through to planning, mobilization, manufacturing, constructing and maintaining your structures. Glaven Tech enjoys the challenge of designing and bringing that design to reality that out a unique touch to your property. Amalgamated with quality prefabricated concrete materials and a commitment to construction excellence, Glaven Tech provides a single-source solution along with the collective effort of the team and engineers that focuses on customer satisfaction thus bringing with it comfort, safe and environmentally friendly services.

Perimeter or Boundary walls.

Precast Panel Structures (Site Offices and satellite clinics, Staff quarters and accommodation units, Classroom and church blocks)


Super Structures


With qualified and experienced technicians, fabricators, project managers and engineers who have their skills and training covering all facets required to effectively and efficiently fabricate and erect an entire range of specialized and standard steel and precast superstructures, you are guaranteed of your safe, with the much-needed security and the standard quality levels. All our structures are approved and certified by civil and structural engineers. Designs and Structures of all kinds are done with the utmost care to safety, quality, structural specifications, local regulations and site conditions. Our range includes precast, steel and aluminium structures and fittings

Precast Superstructures

Steel Superstructures

Aluminium Fittings